Flashback 2005: Injecting the ‘viral internationalism’ theory

Posted on 3 January 2014
10x10_2 cover (detail)

Cryptic cover of 10 x 10_2: 10 Critics, 100 Architects (Phaidon, 2005)

Phaidon, American publishers of prestigious art editions, invited me in 2004 to help them identify and promote the next 100 stars of world architecture. Following outstanding sales of their ‘category killer’ tome 10 x 10: 10 Critics, 100 Architects (2000), they planned a second volume to launch in 2005.

Phaidon’s then architecture editor, Virginia McLeod, annointed me as the sole southern hemisphere commentator, to balance nine distinguished supra-equatorial thought leaders, including Zaha Hadid, Deyan Sudjic and Kurt Forster. We each contributed a brief dissertation about architecture in the new millennium.

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